PeakCommerce for Zuora

PeakCommerce is a self-service commerce platform that enables businesses to build, manage and optimize the revenue relationships with their customers. With an open line of communication and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention. 

Customers can now gain access to their accounts and see real-time data from both Zuora and Salesforce.

Zuora Integrated Ecosystem.png




  • Queries Zuora in real-time to present customer balance
  • Allows customers to pay current & past due invoices
  • Enables customers to update the credit card information they have on file
  • Utilizes Zuora’s hosted payment page to maintain PCI compliancy for all credit card updates (both 1.0 and 2.0)
  • Customers can view full invoice and payment history
  • Allows customers to update their contact information


  • Provides customers an easy interface to update or renew their existing subscription 
  • Enables customers to add new products and services correlated to existing ones 
  • Enables admins to manage and present pricing plans and product suggestions for their customers
  • Offers customers the ability to pay with purchase order, credit card, or by ACH
  • Provides added flexibility for tracking signed Master Service Agreement at the point of purchase
  • Allows customers to view existing balance and pay down invoices for existing subscriptions


  • Control granular permissions to every element of the platform based on: Create, View, Update, and Full-Functionality
  • Create and assign user roles based on predefined granular permissions
  • Create unlimited roles and assign them to a single customer or group of customers
  • Select amendment alignment date on a per customer basis
  • Control user email template for customized account and password notifications


  • Ability to customize the skin to match your existing platform or website
  • Allows custom branding so your customers see your logo throughout all areas of the application
  • Displays your company's name in the URL
  • Ability to customize the size of the hosted payment page screens based on the number of fields presented


  • An optional section integrated with Salesforce support cases
  • Enables customers to submit new cases
  • Allows customers to easily update current case details
  • Provides real-time error messages and validations
  • Allows customers access to a user-friendly view of existing cases and communications


  • Supports multiple hosted payment pages
  • RESTful web services to allow seamless single sign-on for customers between applications



The missing link is here. Streamline the customer self-service experience within the Zuora and Salesforce EcoSystem.